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July 13, 2024

Our Mission

Left politics through the lenses of love, justice, hope, and possibility.

Core Principles


The bright future we envision and will work toward will be grounded in true care and compassion for one another, increased empathy, community, culture, and inclusivity. A better tomorrow is achievable for all through collective consciousness, mutual aid, and community care; our work will center around opportunities to uplift one another and rise together.


Essential to our work is a focus on distributive justice: in education, in housing, in healthcare, in our economy, in environmental issues that affect our communities, in our political system, in the legal and carceral systems of governments including our own, in all the core pillars of society that form the foundations of how people live. To achieve justice we must continuously work toward dismantling white supremacy, heteronormativity, patriarchy, and imperialism while building both socially and economically just futures.


We see the possibility of a more loving and just future and we are fundamentally based in hope. We believe that people can come together and that the power of spreading light is real. We believe that systems can be changed and, when needed, dismantled. We believe that injustices can be overcome, and that when we come together, we have the ability to inspire and uplift one another. We believe that we have the power within ourselves to make our greatest hopes and dreams for this world a reality.


We believe that, when in alignment, hearts and minds can meaningfully change and positively, creatively impact the world we live in. We see no limits to love, justice, and hope. We see the opportunity and possibilities to foster a brighter and better world. We know far more can be achieved!

Meet the Team

Kristin Richardson Jordan (KRJ) is a book publisher, poet, teaching artist, author, and activist. In addition to being RadLove Project’s east coast correspondent, she is the founder of Pens Up Press and the Kristin for Harlem foundation.

Christopher Brush is a Los Angeles-based educator, arts administrator, and event/concert promoter. Originally a farm kid from rural northeast Indiana, Chris has been blessed with a lifetime of opportunities to see more, learn more, imagine more, do more, and be more via his experiences in music and the arts, which have taken him around the globe. His perspectives and politics reflect this unique trajectory.

He is grateful to Kristin for the opportunity to contribute to the Radical Love Project on strategy and content, and he looks forward to speaking on topics that allow us to work together towards a brighter, safer, more equitable world.

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